The 26.2 miles that comprise every marathon course is the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance. While runners spend countless hours training their bodies for the rigors of the marathon, they often unintentionally neglect the psychological aspect of their training. Conditioning the mind to think for success can ultimately decide a runner’s fate on marathon day. Grateful Running provides unique and proven mental toughness training strategies designed to help runners realize their potential, overcome perceived limitations, handle adversity, and embrace the challenge of the marathon. Through the evocative and pertinent lyrics of the Grateful Dead, runners will learn how to let their minds take them further...  

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Dr. Grayson Kimball is the President of GTK Sports, one of the leading sport psychology-consulting firms in New England. He is a certified sport psychology consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and an adjunct professor of sport psychology at several Universities and Colleges in Boston. Dr, Kimball has completed 6 marathons, served as Head Coach for Boston Marathon Charity Teams and consults with an array of Olympic, professional, collegiate, youth, and recreational athletes. He also serves as the sport psychology coach for several high-performance junior tennis academies, a premier golf instruction facility, and numerous endurance-training groups in Boston.


Grateful Running: Mental Training for the Long Distance Runner

Helping Runners Realize Their Potential 

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